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How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Ready Throughout The Year

  • Written by The Express

It doesn’t matter what size your swimming pool is. Having it at your home brings you great joy, especially during those hot summer months. Whether you want to dip your toes or enjoy lazy laps – a swimming pool is the best entertaining spot at your home, both for you and your family. 

However, if the pool is dirty or covered with dust and dried leaves, you won’t be able to enjoy it on the spot. You will have to clean before you can touch the water. And you might not have the patience or energy to do it whenever you want to swim. Also, during winter, the pool water may turn to ice which is not suitable for swimming. Learn here how to prepare your pool for winter for more information. 

So, how to maintain your swimming pool so that it’s ready to use at any time of the year. Here is the guide that can help you.

  • Pool water cleaning

Pool water is the primary thing that you should keep clean and tidy. Unless it’s fresh and clean, there will be mineral build-up and moss formation. It can stick to the swimming walls making maintaining so hard. Keeping it clean will help you avoid costly hardware repairs that may occur due to corrosion and mineral build-up

  • Pool interiors and walls

Though you keep the water clean, you should clean pool interiors such as walls and floors at least once a week. You should keep them clear of algae, mould, debris, and other pollutants. Cleaning them regularly will keep your pool safe and neat. You can enjoy dipping your feet at any time of day when you maintain your pool clean. 

Depending on the material used inside the pool, there are different cleaning methods. Know the meaning of concrete and fibreglass pool to know what’s right for you.

  • Filters used to clean pool water

If you want to use your swimming pool all the time, then you should install a filter system in your pool. A filter is like the heart of the swimming pool. Just like the heart filters blood in your body, the filter will pump the pool water and will clean it from the microscopic particles that are not visible to the naked eye. 

If you run the filter continuously, then the water will be cleaned from all the particles. It won’t be cloudy, polluted, and free from nasty things like moss and algae. 

There are both cartridge and sand filters available and you can install either one depending on your setup. 

  • Use pool skimmers and returns

When you have a filter in your pool, then it’s inevitable to have pool skimmers and returns. While the skimmers are used to pull water from the pool to the filter, returns will help pour the cleaned water from the filter into the pool. They are like arteries and veins of your heart carrying the impure water from the pool and the pure water back to it. 

When you have a pool filter, skimmers, and returns, you should maintain them properly by servicing them once or twice a year depending on your usage. 


No matter how hard you maintain your pool, there will be challenges that you face throughout the year. Having full knowledge of pool components and accessories will help act fast when there’s something wrong with your pool. 

To have a clean swimming pool, make sure to have good water circulation, a proper cleaning schedule, and the right pH value of pool water. When you maintain good water chemistry, then your pool will always be ready for you so that you can take lazy laps during hot summer days. 

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