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Queensland Plumbers Urge Customers to Use New Rebates to Buy Better

The announcement of the “first in best dressed” Queensland Government Climate Smart Energy Savers rebate scheme, Queensland plumbers are telling a cautionary tale. Similar schemes in the southern states have seen a rash of scams and Queensland plumbers are concerned that the offer of “free appliances” will be too tempting for scammers to resist.

What Queenslanders need to know BEFORE September 4th

  • The scheme is strictly first come, first serve so it’s vital to order your heat pump hot water system NOW.

  • Installation must be done by a qualified plumber and for maximum ongoing cost savings, a qualified plumber with experience in heat pump hot water installation.

  • We may see a shortage in supply.

  • We may see an influx of inferior heat pump hot water systems flood the market (and possibly a few homes) so it’s vital to order the right, quality heat pump system now. 

  • The details of the scheme are still being released and application forms are not yet available.  

Why is the Climate Smart Energy Saver Scheme vulnerable to scammers?

The scheme opens on September 4th and will be strictly first in best dressed. There is a fund of $10 million available with rebates of up to $1000 for washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, air-conditioners and solar or heat pump hot water systems. Retailers and tradies predict a rush on purchasing, causing supply issues, opening an opportunity for scammers.

What’s happened with other rebates?

When similar rebates have launched in other cities, the shortage on appliances, especially heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems (which aren’t as readily available as other appliances) has led to eager consumers buying “whatever they can get their hands on.” The scammer imports poorly constructed systems, installs them with a minimal out of pocket charge and claims the rebate. The unit then stops working in a matter of weeks or months. The installer refunds only the” minimal charge” paid out of pocket, while keeping the bulk of the money, from the rebate. This allows them to (somewhat) legally circumvent consumer laws.

Use the Queensland Government Rebate to Buy Better

While the temptation to get a “nearly free” home appliance or hot water system piques interest, plumbers and retailers are urging customers to use the rebate to “buy better”. To choose a reputable and well-reviewed product, and have it professionally installed. Plumbers, electricians and manufacturers urge consumers to read heat pump hot water reviews prior to choosing a model.

Proper solar or heat pump hot water installation makes a big difference to your ongoing savings. Getting your new purchase properly installed will mean that it pays itself off much quicker” said veteran plumber John Salmon.

How to maximise your chances of securing a rebate

  1. Do your research NOW

  2. Choose the model that best suits your family

  3. Get your budget in order

  4. Talk to a licensed supplier and fitter

  5. If you’re choosing a Rheem system, opt for a Rheem Authorised dealer for your best chance at fast supply

  6. BOOK IT IN. If you are booked in and ready to go for the September 4th launch, your paperwork can be lodged ON THE DAY. It’s a limited fund and in the past, Queensland Government grants have ‘sold out’ immediately, leaving hopeful recipients refreshing their browers!

Read a comprehensive guide to choosing the right heat pump.

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Queensland Plumbers Urge Customers to Use New Rebates to Buy Better

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