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8 Must-Have Packaging Supplies for Small Businesses

  • Written by The Express

Proper packaging is vital for small businesses, ensuring products arrive safely, enhancing brand image, and boosting customer satisfaction. To streamline your packaging process, here are eight must-have packaging supplies for small businesses, especially those sourcing packaging supplies in Australia.

1. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a staple for any small business dealing with physical products. These boxes are durable, lightweight, and versatile, providing excellent protection against bumps and drops during transit. Available in various sizes and strengths, they are ideal for shipping a wide range of items. Small businesses in Australia can easily source corrugated boxes from numerous suppliers, ensuring they have the right packaging for their products.

2. Packaging Tape

Quality packaging tape is essential for securing boxes and ensuring they remain sealed throughout their journey. Look for strong, durable tape that can withstand the rigors of shipping. Packaging tape dispensers can also be a great investment, making the sealing process faster and more efficient. Many suppliers in Australia offer bulk purchasing options for packaging tape, which can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is crucial for protecting fragile items. The cushioning it provides helps prevent damage from shocks and vibrations. Whether you're shipping glassware, electronics, or delicate crafts, bubble wrap is a must-have. For small businesses in Australia, sourcing bubble wrap from local suppliers ensures quick delivery and supports local industries. Bubble wrap is available in rolls or pre-cut sheets, depending on your preference and needs.

4. Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are essential for ensuring items do not shift during transit. These lightweight foam pieces fill empty spaces in your boxes, providing additional cushioning and stability. They are particularly useful for shipping oddly shaped or delicate items. In Australia, eco-friendly packing peanuts made from biodegradable materials are increasingly available, offering an environmentally conscious option for small businesses.

5. Custom Labels and Stickers

Custom labels and stickers are vital for branding and conveying important information. They can include your company logo, return addresses, and special handling instructions. Custom labels enhance your brand’s visibility and professionalism. In addition, “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” stickers can alert carriers to take extra precautions. Many Australian suppliers offer customisable options to suit your branding needs and ensure your packages are easily identifiable.

6. Void Fill Materials

Void fill materials are used to fill empty spaces within packaging to prevent movement and damage. Options include crumpled paper, air pillows, and foam inserts. These materials are crucial for ensuring that products remain secure and intact during shipping. Many packaging suppliers in Australia provide eco-friendly void fill options, which are beneficial for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

7. Mailing Envelopes and Padded Mailers

For smaller, less fragile items, mailing envelopes and padded mailers are indispensable. These come in various sizes and types, including bubble-lined, waterproof, and tamper-evident. They offer a lightweight yet protective packaging solution, ideal for documents, clothing, and small accessories. Sourcing these from Australian suppliers can help ensure you get high-quality, reliable materials suited to your specific shipping requirements.

8. Shrink Wrap and Stretch Film

Shrink wrap and stretch film are perfect for securing items together on a pallet or for wrapping products for added protection. Shrink wrap provides a tight seal when heat is applied, making it excellent for bundling items securely. Stretch film is flexible and strong, used primarily for wrapping pallets but also useful for large, bulky items. Small businesses in Australia can find these materials from local packaging suppliers, ensuring they have the necessary tools to keep their shipments secure and protected.


Proper packaging is a critical component of any small business operation. By investing in these must-have packaging supplies, you can ensure the safety of your products, enhance your brand image, and improve customer satisfaction. Sourcing reliable packaging supplies in Australia, such as corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, and custom labels, can help meet your needs efficiently and sustainably. Prioritising quality packaging solutions is an investment in your business’s reputation and long-term success.


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