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Spend the Weekend with Beloved One by Having Quality Time and Learn About the Country’s History by Visiting These Museums

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia, is an ideal tourist destination. This city is not only contemporary and well-maintained but also incredibly welcoming to visitors of all ages, from kids to seniors. In addition to its stunning beaches and renowned zoo, the Sydney Museum is a highly recommended attraction worth exploring.

Best Museums in Sydney

Sydney offers various Museums worth visiting with your loved ones. Here are some of the best ones you want to put on your bucket list.

1. Opal Museum

This museum is free of charge and does not require an entrance ticket, making it an excellent option for those interested in precious stones. Visitors can explore various exhibits, including dioramas and collections that showcase the rich history of opal mining in Australia.

Additionally, there is a diorama that depicts the conditions in Australia during the time of the dinosaurs. It's worth noting that opal jewelry is available at the museum, allowing visitors to acquire a special keepsake directly.

2. The Rocks Discovery Museum

Museums in Australia can be captivating attractions because they are thoughtfully designed and far from boring. One such museum is located in the historic area of The Rocks. Here, you can explore a vast collection of artifacts discovered in The Rocks area dating back to the arrival of Westerners.

What makes this museum even more exciting is its wide range of interactive exhibits showcasing Sydney and Australia's rich history. These exhibits cover various periods, including the pre-colonial era, the arrival of Westerners, colonialism, and the present day.

3. Australian Museum

It would be best to visit the oldest museum in Australia and the fifth-oldest natural history museum in the world. Visitors can see various zoological and anthropological collections and artifacts from Australia and multiple parts of the world.

Hotels in Sydney

To make your museum adventures in Sydney more comfortable, you can choose one of the hotel recommendations below as your accommodation while in Sydney.

1. Holiday Inn Express SYDNEY MACQUARIE PARK, an IHG Hotel

Address: 10 Byfield St, Macquarie Park, Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2113

Price: Starts from AU$ 201.00 (Standard Room)

If you're visiting Sydney on a tight budget, consider staying at Holiday Inn Express SYDNEY MACQUARIE PARK, an IHG Hotel. The rooms are both clean and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant stay. Additionally, a complimentary breakfast is provided, saving you the need to dine out.

Guests also have access to convenient facilities, such as a fitness center. Another benefit of this hotel is the complimentary laundry room, which allows guests to wash and dry their clothes at no extra cost.

2. Rydges Camperdown

Address: 9 Missenden Road, Camperdown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2050

Price: Starts from AU$ 349.72 (Superior Room – 2 Queen Bed)

This 4-star hotel is approximately 3 km from Sydney Town Hall. The location of Rydges Camperdown is quite strategic. You will feel comfortable staying here because the large rooms have soft and clean mattresses. Apart from that, guests can use facilities such as a swimming pool.

3. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

Address: 27 O'Connell Street, Sydney CBD, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

Price: Starts from AU$ 431.53 (Standard Room – 1 Queen Bed or 1 King Bed)

The location of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney is strategic because it is located in Sydney's central business district, so it is close to various places such as Australia Square and the State Library of New South Wales. This hotel has luxurious and spotless rooms. The staff on duty are professional and friendly.

Travel Tips to Sydney

To enjoy your trip to Sydney to the fullest, remember to follow these tips while traveling to Sydney.

1. Best Time to Visit

For those of you who want to experience winter in Sydney, try to come from June to August. At that time, the average air temperature fell between 8.8 to -17°C. However, if you are more comfortable with summer, come at the beginning of the year between January and February.

2. Bring Your Comfy Clothes

Please pay attention to your luggage and adjust it to the current season in Sydney. If you come in winter, you must bring thick clothes and moisturizer so that your skin does not dry out and crack. However, if you come in summer, choose cotton clothes that absorb sweat.

3. Book Your Accommodation in Advance

If you want to get cheap plane tickets or hotels, you have to book them early. This option can also make your vacation more organized.

Are you ready to visit the best museum in Sydney? Immediately arrange your holiday now. Fulfill all your holiday needs, such as transportation, accommodation, and tourist attraction tickets through Traveloka. Holidays, you just got more accessible and more unforgettable!


Spend the Weekend with Beloved One by Having Quality Time and Learn About the Country’s History by Visiting These Museums

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia, is an ideal tourist destination. This city is not only contemporary and well-maintained but also ...

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