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A cracking combo: 5 Australian Shiraz food pairings

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The wine-loving world recognises Australian Shiraz as one of the finest, with the the legendary Barossa, Clare and Hunter valleys just three of the regions that have long been produced this revered Aussie drop. 

You can find our most revered viticultural export in top class wine bars and stores from Adelaide to London and back across to Shanghai, with the world’s collectors eager to get their hands on a bottle from the likes of Blackwell, Clonakilla or Penfolds. 

What makes Australian Shiraz even better is the way its bold and earthy flavour profile blends so perfectly with our country’s - and the world’s - national culinary favourites. 

So, what are these savoury staples that pair so well with a full-bodied Aussie red? Perfect for the next summer barbie or dinner party, these are the ultimate meals to pair with a top class Australian Shiraz: 

  1. Bacon 

What? But how can this naughty breakfast treat pair so well with a fine red like what we have here? Easy! Its rich, smoky flavour balances so well with the bold intensity of the wine, producing a flavour palate like we guarantee you have never experienced before. 

Whether you’re enjoying a deliciously-smoky bacon dip or getting greasy with it and having a few bacon bites with your cheese and crackers, you are sure to be impressed by this scrumptiously strange food and wine pairing. 

  1. Pork (or beef) tacos 

For something a little more frivolous and light-hearted, why not pair your favourite Aussie red with the world’s favourite hand-held culinary delight? Yes, we ain’t joking: the humble taco pairs perfectly with red wine, especially when you consider all those scrumptiously savoury and spicy flavours blending so well with the red’s intense flavour profile. 

We recommend going the pork route for this pairing, especially as pork carries a little extra sweetness that can create a delicate blend with the wine. But, if pork just isn’t your thing, the classic beef taco - the type you grew up loving as a kid - will most certainly suffice! 

  1. Curry 

We usually view curry night as a wholesome family night or a mouth watering takeaway from our favourite Indian restaurant, but you might be delightfully surprised to learn that curry also pairs perfectly with Australian Shiraz. Just be sure you go the red meat route, especially if it’s something like spiced lamb curry - the results are simply drool-worthy! 

  1. Steak & fries 

Because this meal is (in our opinion) almost as Aussie as it is the French national dish, and so why shouldn’t we too be able to enjoy it with our variation of a wine the French are also famous for producing? And, of course, it’s always bound to be a winner, given you know how to make a special steak, and so get that legendary flavour combo going and enjoy a stellar night of steak and wine - you’ve probably earned it! 

  1. Chocolate 

Okay, if you’re sick of us prattling on about how good meat is alongside a fine Australian Shiraz, then we’ll move toward something a little sweeter: chocolate. Wine and chocolate has always been a rather cliche combo, but all cliches start in truth, and enjoying this age-old classic is the real deal in our opinion. 

But you can’t just go picking up your favourite Cadbury bar and expect it to pair well with the vino. That’s not a diss on Cadbury - we love Cadbury more than the next chocoholic - but to truly get the most out of the combo you really need to go for an intense dark chocolate, especially if it starts at the 80% cocoa mark.


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A cracking combo: 5 Australian Shiraz food pairings

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