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Top notch nosh: how to find the best afternoon tea caterers

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Afternoon tea is a scrumptious affair, and one that should be complete with the mouth-watering variety required to jazz up your day just when it looks set to enter a dull spell!


What’s more, it’s an indulgently delicious way to invigorate a special occasion, important meeting or cheeky get-together. But to ensure you get the most delightfully decadent afternoon tea caterers Sydney has, you have to do a little research, otherwise you might end up with a sour spread that leaves you and your guests feeling a little bitter about things.


So, with this in mind, here are a few tips on finding the most delectable deliverers of daytime deliciousness!


  1. A solid reputation


Because you don’t want to enlist someone who is delivering a few sugar-laden cakes from some factory on the outskirts of town. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, and sometimes these outrageously sickly treats can be exactly what we need, but not if we are hosting a rather special occasion or an important meeting.


What we need is high quality sweets and coffee from a world class provider, someone who uses the best ingredients, equipment and service to provide the ultimate in afternoon dining, and who will be happy to bring that to you without fail!


Think seriously scrumptious danishes, muffins, scones (complete with cream and jam, thank you!), croissants, fresh fruits - the works! This is imperative for making a varied table of delights for snack-seeking guests to get their hungry hands on the moment their tummies go, “did someone say gourmet cheeses?”


The company’s reputation is the first place to start, and the best place to start researching their rep is through Google - do a quick search and see what other hungry humans have thought about the goodies they deliver!


  1. A wide variety of goodies


Obviously, scones, cream, jam and tea is a winner - we love it, you love it, everyone gets around it. But for a truly special daytime treat from the best afternoon tea caterers Sydney has you want to go with a team who has everything you could possibly imagine in this smorgasbord and a little extra on top!


Think all of the aforementioned treats and more, all delivered and ready to be gorged on by a group of happy guests who may have absolutely no idea that one of the best teams in the tea biz was on their way to deliver some fine delicacies for their taste tantalisation.


  1. Accredited staff


Because you might be in the middle of an important meeting and the last thing you would want is for people to keep ducking off to go to the pastry table. With this in mind, it doesn't hurt to have a fully accredited team of professionals on hand to ensure you have all your delicious delights delivered to your hands and, most importantly, mouths in no time.


This way, you can get on with the important business at hand whilst you have all the goods taken care of and no need to think about them!


These are the three most important things to look out for in your catering company, as these are three pillars of a team who delivers the oozie, gooey goods using the best ingredients and the best manner of service.


You are sure to enjoy a plethora of sweetness when you choose a team with these boxes ticked - we guarantee it!


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Top notch nosh: how to find the best afternoon tea caterers

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