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An LED Solar Street Light Provides Better Visibility

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The average streetlight utilizes metal halide lamps, or high-pressure or low-pressure sodium to light the nighttime streets. These types of lamps use more electricity than an LED light and visibility is lower because of the intensity and color of the lighting. Simply switching over to an LED light will lower the cost of the lighting and it will also provide a much cleaner light that is brighter and provides better visibility to anyone who is traveling the roadways.

LED Lighting Costs Less and Utilizes Less Energy

LED lighting gives you more bang for your buck because it is more efficient and uses far less energy than regular street lighting. Lumens per watt are higher in older style lighting so it takes a lot more power to generate that light which is not very bright. Old style lighting requires much more energy to produce dull lighting and most of those lights are not directional so that means that some of the lumens are directed towards the sky or other areas where the light is not needed. This wastes both energy and heat and since the light has a certain lifespan the lamps need to be replaced at least every five years.

New LED fixtures produce a lot more lumens and it is not as useless as the light produced by regular lighting. LED lighting lasts around 100,000 hours which means it only needs to be replaced once every 20 years. LED lights are the best solution for anyone who wants to reduce their energy usage or install street lighting that is solar based. LED lighting is not only cost-effective but also provides superior lighting for less money. This makes this type of lighting the obvious choice for solar lighting applications.

LED Lights Range

The range of LED lighting is better because there is a bright white light output that closely matches that of sunlight. This ensures better visibility and is less likely to cause a strain on the eyes. LED lighting provides a superior lumen output in the lower colour range and produces upwards of 100 lumens per watt within every colour range. Most LED lights in operation today have less blue lighting to reduce the disruption to circadian rhythms.

When streetlights are installed in residential areas, there is a better option of using 3k lights instead of 5k lights. The opposite is true when the lighting is installed in areas that require higher security. Different lighting colours may be required but this is dependent upon the project. If there is certain wildlife in the area that could be affected or disrupted by lighting, then different wavelengths of lighting may be required. Light fixtures may also utilize hoods or shields that will ensure that the lighting does not move into other areas and only provides light where it is needed.

Lighting fixtures for streetlights should be dark sky compliant which means that they do not contribute to light pollution in the local area. This can be achieved with aimed optics technology through the use of LEDs which reduces the impact on wildlife. Direction LED lighting meets these requirements because it utilizes shields and only directs light in the areas where it is required.

Solar Lighting and LEDs Work Well Together

Solar and LED lighting work together well and offer the right solution to your lighting needs. LED can be a superior option for the replacement of old-style fixtures since these fixtures only require about one third of the power of regular lighting and produce a superior product. Solar lighting is simple to utilize in any project where existing lights should be replaced.

If utility lines are damaged in any way, solar lighting can replace that infrastructure in a cost-effective way. LED lighting allows new lights to offer better visibility with less energy use and provides better an installation with an upgrade. Solar fits well into any project where energy usage needs to be reduced with LED lighting and the appropriate sizing of solar.

LED lights and solar systems work well together because DC current that powers LEDs runs on the similar power produced by solar energy. This simply means fewer power losses from alternating current and better efficiency which produces more light with the same output of power.

LED lights provide superior visibility because the light output is better. Solar street lighting projects are constantly being implemented so that in the future there will be no energy cost to run required utility lighting.


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